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Connecting With Your Angelic Guidance: Chronogram Article. This is an article I wrote many years ago for a local paper.

Over the many years I have been working with Angelic Guidance and the Higher Self I have been asked numerous questions. Below are some of the many questions and answers that have been asked.

1. How Do I Know I am Receiving Guidance from a Higher Source and not Being Tricked by a Lower Energy?

This is a very good question. The most direct answer is that the Lower Entities will serve the ego-mind....the I Want side of our self. Humans rarely want the Truth. Instead they want the truth; a smaller truth that fits within the range of a comfortable paradigm or what the ego is already comfortable with. But, often this does not match a larger Truth, and it is for that reason we find it difficult to receive divine guidance. How many of us have asked advice of IChing or Tarot Cards and not liked the answer; instead of sitting with what we got we reshuffle and deal again! For that reason it is essential that you connect to Light and Love through quieting the mind, placing your hands on your heart and raising your vibrational frequency above the lower astral plane before attempting to connect.

Because there have been so many people who have channeled false dates and false hopes many people have become angry and mistrusting of ALL channeled material. True channeling does not predict, it informs, clarifies, illuminates and most importantly it challenges us to be in our Higher Self and look at our life, or life around us, in new ways. It is not "wrong" to channel Higher Material; in fact it is essential to connect with our Higher Selves in order to step away from the Ego-Self. However, true angelic frequencies are NOT voices in your head giving you information; instead they ask us to step into our Higher Self and step above the Lower Astral Realms. They are not "showy"...they are subtle and deep. Go within....learn to trust your Higher Self. True angelic guidance serves to bring you into a state of independence and learning to trust yourself.

2. Some Selected Material from the Archangels Speak Newsletters over the Years:


We ask today for each of you to close your eyes and see an image of what you might call The Great Central Sun of God. We use the word Sun as a Ball of Light that feeds you. If you cannot visualize this and hold this in your consciousness and drink from it then perhaps you might want to practice this every day. If you do this you will find yourself manifesting less fear, better health, more love and patience and less judgment, if you drink from the Light of God each day. Until you each become responsible for your own nourishment, and responsible for your own healing, you cannot become responsible for healing another or healing the planet. And so we ask that you do not skip this step. That you do not immediately branch out and say, "It's time for me to go out and heal others," when you, yourself, are having trouble feeding or receiving energy or CHI from the Central Source.


The power that lies within you is for most humans, a frightening force. When you sense more power emanating from a human -- spiritual power particularly -- it is because they have been willing to begin the journey of faith, the journey of remembering, the journey of awakening and understanding and releasing and seeing and knowing the true depth and width and breath of who it is they are. You have heard this idea that you must journey through the "dark night of the soul" to arrive at the other side and see the light. And you wonder what that means. You wonder what does it mean to journey in this way?

So you say, "I must go through this journey through the dark night of the soul to find the self." We will say again that it becomes the dark night in part because you judge it, or others judge it. You say, "Oh, I have to look at this part of me." If you become awake enough to realize that you are longing for the Self; then you realize that you must bring all the pieces and parts of yourself to you -- for that is the lover you seek. And the dark night of the soul is when you see parts or pieces of yourself that you do not like and you judge -- or others judge. Your God consciousness wants you to be in love with you. Your human consciousness wants you to be perfect. Your God consciousness doesn't care what you are; your human consciousness cares very, very much.


Be aware that every thought and deed and word that you perform is laying down an energy pattern that is impacting on the space and impacting on other human beings. And as you move into a higher consciousness you will find it almost impossible for you to say mean things about the Earth or about other humans, for you will find that the higher you are in your conscious co-creation the faster the karma returns. You have heard the term "instant karma" meaning that what you create comes back to you. Prior to this time in history it has often taken you many, many lifetimes before what you have created thought or done has come back to impact you. You could be paying back karma that you had created over hundreds of years ago, but currently as you are moving into a higher frame of consciousness or a higher frame of mastery you are finding that what you are doing seems to almost instantly manifest. It seems to come back to you almost instantly. This is because you are now operating from a higher dimensional realm and a higher dimensional consciousness.


So, the question you ask yourself is: What is the blessing in the oppositional forces as they are being presented on this earth? For those who appear to oppose you. If you realize that it is through these oppositional stances that you grow and learn and are challenged then you can find some measure of blessing in the experience and perhaps some measure of peace.

Those who believe that through their intention to say, "We want peace. We want peace on earth." The next day they go to work and they are confronted with someone who opposes them; who opposes their intention. And the first reaction is anger or distress or confusion or frustration. But rarely is the first reaction to say, "Thank you." So, we are going to ask each and every one of you in your thoughts of gratitude to think not only where you are grateful for things that are easy and have come easily to you, but why you might be grateful for those who have seemed to oppose you.


If you are suffering in some way it is an indication to you that that part of yourself is still unhealed and vibrating to the old ways and the old frequencies and it hurts and aches to draw your attention so you will heal it. What we suggest you do is become extremely active at rooting out those places which are stuck. It is not enough to merely bring in the new frequencies---which are very high vibrational---and not make a space for them. This is not productive.

It is essential that if you wish to make this transition less painful you look at your shadow. Do not run from it; do not deny it. As you are seeing in the world you are seeing the shadow in the collective consciousness being rooted out, do the same thing for yourself and you will find that there will be plenty of room to house these new frequencies which are loving and supportive and filled with the understanding and consciousness of abundance. There is enough for everyone. There is enough for everyone.

Why is it that your consciousness is shifting? It is shifting in part because it holds and contains more information at its disposal. That has shifted you. That has shifted your consciousness. Well, information is carried on light. There is a reason that there are times on the human planet that it is called the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages meaning that humans intuitively understood that when one is working with darkness then one is withholding information and that darkness means ignorance in a sense. Correct? That is the idea. And when you shine a light on something you bring information to it and in bringing information, or truth, to a situation you raise the vibrational consciousness of an individual or the collective. So the idea is that you are all moving out of the darkness, the density, the lower vibration to more information which is being carried on increased receptors which are growing within you-which can hold greater and greater amounts of light and which hold greater and greater amounts of information attached to it. Your physical bodies are literally changing to be able to hold more and more information, more and more light, more and more wisdom which then shifts and changes the collective consciousness. You can hold and understand more than you used to as an individual and also as a human race.

Excerpt from "Margaret's Blog"...March 2012

It is becoming obvious to me that the Earth is moving into a Mature Soul Age-and is pushing us to do the same. Being a Mature Soul is a difficult ride; some have completed the journey personally and others are in the middle of it. It is during our Mature Soul Cycle that we often do the most amount of karmic clean up and learn the most profound emotional lessons-primarily to take personal responsibility for our lives and stop projecting our shadow on everyone else blaming them for our lives. You can be an old soul "galactically" and still be in the middle of the human Mature Soul Cycle. Being human has a myriad of challenges that stymie even the Seekers among us. Currently one of the beliefs circulating through the alternative community is that the Galactic Federation ET's are rescuing us and we just have to sit back as they save us. To me that is Young Soul thought patterning-and we need to step into realizing that whenever someone rescues us they also have the power to abuse and "dump" us.

Integrating meditation, connecting to guides and angels and reawakening our healing abilities have been, for many of us, a big part of the journey to remembering the truth of our divine selves. I used to think that was the final goal but now I don't believe that becoming "spiritually awake" was the end result; I now believe it was merely the basic training that we needed to anchor in so that we could do the next tasks. The only reason we needed all that Spiritual Boot Camp was because we came onto a planet that is so imprisoned that the vast majority of us walk around deeply unaware not only of our divine selves and purpose, but even unaware of what's going on over our heads.


When you find you can, at last, answer some of these questions clearly and you understand who you are and why you've chosen to be here in this capacity and where you are along the journey of your soul you will have begun the journey of enlightenment.

We have been asked many questions through this conduit you know as Margaret and one of the questions we are constantly asked is: "What happens after I die? What happens to the people I love after they die? They go away? Can they hear me?"

Another question we are asked continually is: "Who am I, and why am I here?" For every human being, in their heart, wonders this. It is the willingness to stretch your perception of those answers that will allow you to come into the Truth. For when you go at those questions and answers with the old templates, the old belief systems, you will find yourself working like a mouse in a maze, but never discovering a way out. You will be jumbled back and forth within this maze of dead ends.

One of the interesting things that can happen to the mouse in the maze, but rarely ever does, is that the mouse can stand up on his back legs and can look up. Suddenly what the mouse will do if the mouse has any awareness at all, is realize that above the head of the mouse is complete and total freedom. There are no walls and no barriers. But as long as the mouse continually runs along the same pathways, bumping into the same walls and never looking up, the mouse will never realize that freedom, true freedom is right above his head. We use this analogy for all of you today to tell you that when you feel trapped by your questions it is because you are running down the same old roads. You haven't realized that just by metaphorically looking up you will begin to discover there is great freedom there.

Sometimes human beings, when they discover that great freedom, they become frightened. They feel more comfortable running along the old maze and old pathways and they will return voluntarily to the old ways, bumping their heads and so forth.

But those of you who are here today have indicated by your very presence in this room that there is some willingness in some way, in some part to start looking up out of that maze. To start seeing that-certainly you can imagine that to a mouse it would seem absolutely and completely like a limitless expanse to even view this room and the ceiling-and we will explain to you that you will have the same feeling if you are willing to move out of the old templates in your brain.

3. QUESTION : I have a question about something you spoke about a year ago. The angels had mentioned I wanted to go home. A year ago or so, I believe my soul was removed and I became what is called a "walk-in." A different soul incarnated...

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: When the soul enters a vessel, as you are all aware your body is a vessel for the soul, and you will have many vessels and have had many vessels. For most of you the soul enters the vessel upon birth. We will speak directly to your question, but first we must create a background of understanding for those listening. The soul enters the vessel, usually around the birth time, however, prior to birth, what you call gestation, the soul moves "in and out," connects, hovers and decides if it will create a more permanent connection.

The karma and the consciousness fuses with the vessel and the vessel becomes the house for the consciousness. If a soul has entered a vessel, but upon entering the vessel, feels for whatever reason that it does not wish to complete the journey it will exit the vessel. This can be death of the vessel, or it can be what this individual talks about, called the walk-in.

We speak only of positive now---we do not speak of "soul snatching." It is important that you understand we are speaking of an agreement made between souls, where the original soul in the vessel might say, "I cannot handle this. The karma is too heavy. The pain is too great and I need more rest and more time between lives." The soul longs to go "home" and longs for release and often the vessel may die. However, another arrangement can be made: This is called a walk-in. A Higher Vibrational Soul, a Boddhisatva, or a soul that does not need a regular birth process will say, "I will use your vessel, clear your karma, if you will allow me to use your vessel I will clear some of your karma if you will allow me to do some of the work I need to do on the Earth.

This agreement is made in a state of Love and acceptance, and so the original soul exits, the new soul enters and the body lives. When this happens the new soul is often quite different energetically than the original soul, and those around you might notice a change. It is more difficult to do this in an adult human because an adult human has so much life behind them; so much easier for a walk-in to take on a younger body, it will be less noticeable, and will give the incoming soul more time to adjust to what life is like and to grow up within the structure of human Earth-life so that it can learn how to navigate the Earth structures. Adult walk-ins often have an abrupt and difficult fit; but if the original soul, as you say for your vessel, says, "I want to go home." Meaning?...

QUESTIONER: I don't want to be on Earth.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: And where would you go? To be with your soul family.


ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: But, if the soul is advanced enough to say, "Is there anyone out there who would like to take on the vessel for awhile." Such an arrangement could then be possible. But, it is quite a different thing from the soul being taken or snatched in some way...forced to exit the body.

QUESTIONER: I was told that this was arranged earlier in life.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: Correct. It was not snatched; it was not done without arrangement. So the agreement is put in place; one soul says, "I want to go home now." And the other soul says, "That's okay I'll take over now." How have you been in adjusting?

QUESTIONER: It's been quite a ride!

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: What have been the biggest challenges?

QUESTIONER: I let go of my profession, she was a chef and I am now doing healing work. I would like to know what my energy is.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: It is not pure angelic; it is more in what the humans call: The Goddess range of frequencies. From a frequency that is very high; there is no real human word for this energy to properly describe it; however it is very high vibrational "Goddess," energy. Feminine. Is how we can find words.

QUESTIONER: Like Divine Feminine.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: Not angel like humans say, but a Deva Goddess energy of Divine Feminine.

QUESTIONER: Can I say the name?


QUESTIONER: Her name is Sarah and she is the daughter of Mary Magdelene.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: This is a Goddess energy of the Divine Feminine is the best way we would describe it. There are no exact words in the human vocabulary to describe this energy of consciousness, this being. From our point of view; it is being transitioned through you to the world.

QUESTIONER: So, the adjustment of this is that we all have qualities that are being awakened in us every day. What to do with it is clear; but it is almost overwhelming. It is a big task.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: It is important that you bring this up because it is a common problem for those who are accessing or working with an emanation of these energies. We call it an emanation because the energies are emanating through these individuals. But these energies are so enormous, and the individuals often feel overwhelmed, they say, "Okay I have the emanation of this huge energy. Now what?" How do I bring this in? The energy and the emanation are much larger than the vessel; and there is a feeling that this energy should just be able to do anything. So, now what? All of the emanations, and those doing high level spiritual connection work is to understand to go small.

Get into a perspective of honoring the small. When the energies are small and sacred, when the energies are one on one, there is integrity, there is a sacred nature to the experience and it is far less likely that the ego-mind will come into play. The ego is set aside and the sacred energy is free to express itself safely, clearly and comfortingly, in a safe and well-held situation. When the groups become thousands the chaos can become overwhelming; and although these emanations are enormous, they cannot reach everyone in a manner that will serve the individuals. So, at this time, given what is happening on the Earth, many healers are finding themselves happy to work one-on-one, and small to bring the emanation through in this sacred way. Although the energies may want to push out in large and enormous ways, they must serve the vessel, and the other vessels on the Earth, as it is now, and sometimes it is best served in small intimate ways, rather than in large gestures.

QUESTIONER: I'm very guided by my teacher to be "small" exactly as you are describing. So, that part I quite understand. I can't handle big groups. One on one, three or so. No more than that.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: Those who are carrying Archangel Michael's energy as an emanation often feel that they must come in and they must rescue. You know. Brandish my sword. The vessel cannot do this. Why is this not working? The vessel must learn to work with the energies. Those who carry these large energies are learning to work with them. This will help others who carry these energies and have felt they need to move out in big ways. They feel if they are such a large emanation they wonder why this "big" movement is not being supported energetically. They feel the way is not supported. We need to say to them, it is appropriate to stay small even if the energy inside of you is quite large.