The Book of Merlin

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The Book of Merlin continues the epic saga of the battle between good and evil first begun in Doner’s: Merlin’s War: The Battle between the Family of Light and the Family of Dark. From the origin of the angels, to the creation of the dragon race, to the humans Adam and Eve in paradise, and the fall of Atlantis, Merlin illuminates these stories and places them into a comprehensible framework. For the first time, Merlin explains the origins of the demonic race through the fallen angel Lilith, and how darkness re-entered the Earth after the Great Flood. Merlin also talks about his “boots on the ground” incarnations, and how his energy has been sent through various human beings to uplift the human race. Present day solutions to solving the myriad of problems facing humanity are also explored; and potential possibilities for future outcomes are revealed.

The Path of the Human- Incarnated Angel and Starseed

Incarnated angelic beings and starseeds are born with an inherent spiritual awareness that, sooner or later, leads them to question the nature of reality. Often these individuals feel they dont belong here. Since childhood, they have challenged many of the teachings they receive. It is as though they are immune to the mundane and are aware of another reality. Their journey is the mystical and metaphorical journey of the hero: the journey to leave home, delve into the depths, and return home once againbut this time, with wisdom. If you identify with some of the ideas in this book, it is very possible that you, too, are an incarnated angel or a starseed.